Float Lab Review – Safe and Affordable Sensory Deprivation Experience

Float Lab Technologies is one of the most revered float center and float room manufacturer in the United States. We will be discussing their products and services, their recognitions, pricing, and locations.

Float Lab Technologies have been around since 1999. They service both floaters looking for a reputable float spa but also individuals and businesses wishing to acquire a high-quality isolation float tank for sale.

They have been dubbed as the “global expert in float technology.” The founder and proprietor, Craig “Crash” Hoefler, can sometimes be seen at one of his branches and interacting with the staff and floaters. All the chambers used in his float centers were designed and built by him.

Let’s take a look at what the company and their brand have to offer us.

Float Lab Chamber Design

The Float Lab Chamber is actually a float room. Although spacious, it is ideally made to accommodate just one floater to give you a distraction-free, private and unique experience. The good thing about this is that if you are a very tall or wide person, you would not have any problem moving and standing within the float tank.

If you wish to have a Float Lab sensory deprivation room installed, you have to have at least 160 square feet of free space to be dedicated solely to the chamber, the equipment room, and the shower and changing area. It does not matter if it is in the ground floor or upstairs, the floor on which the Float Lab will be installed must be able to withstand 120 pounds per square foot.

📌The exterior of a Float Lab tank is customizable depending on the color and finish that you picked from their selection. You may have the exterior fully given a colored metallic sheen or choose to have only the door to have a pop of color. The inside of the float room is completely dark and it has grab bars for when you need some stability when trying to lower yourself or when you want to get up.

Most of the operational features are located externally in a room or space dedicated for them. These include the plumbing and water pump, the air and water filtration system, the purification and disinfectant system, the temperature and heating control system, and circuit breakers.

The Float Lab tank has a few features that will guarantee the safety of the floater and the establishment that it is in which was why it was awarded the UL 1975 certification for electrical and fire safety.

For example, there are sensors to send signals to the system when the door is closed from inside, a timer, and ozone sensors that would automatically switch off any system cleaning when there is a person inside the tank or when it has reached a full cleaning cycle. This prevents any accidents or fire and electrical hazards.

They are internationally available and they specified their potential customers on the power needs of a single float room. If you are from a region with 60Hz power, you would need a single designated 40 amp, 120 volt electrical feed to run one float tank. For regions with 50Hz power, you need a single designated 40 amp, 220 volt electrical feed.

Their patent-pending system is the highest selling point for sensitive floaters. This one-touch button system is able to log a 99.9% disinfection and sanitation per cleaning cycle without the use of toxic halogen chemicals. Chemicals may leave by-products or may not be totally eliminated from the water and tank and may affect the skin and health of some floaters.

This has impressed the National Sanitation Foundation and American National Standards International, granting them a rating of NSI 50 and UL 1975 certifications for safety and sanitation.

  • Spacious enough for a person to be able to stand up and even move sideways.
  • Several dimensions you can choose from.
  • Best filtration, purification, and sanitation system that does not make use of chemicals.
  • Will need a big space to accommodate the chamber, its operating system, and the shower area.
  • Does not have an audio system.
  • Requires a dedicated electrical feed of its own to support its complex system.

Standard Features

  • LED Lighting
  • Catalytic Carbon Water Purification System
  • UV Filtration System
  • Air Disinfection Filtration Systems
  • Air Intake/Outtake Ventilation System
  • Flow Meter
  • Temperature and Heating Control System
  • Timer
  • Circuit Breakers
  • 3-Year Warranty

There are three different sizes for a Float Lab sensory deprivation tank.

  • 8’ x 4’ x 7’
  • 8’ x 5’ x 7’
  • 8’ x 6’ x 7’
  • 8’ x 8’ 7’
  • 10’ x 6’ x7’

Optional Add-ons

  • Ozone Sensor and Safety Light ($2,500)

Float Lab Tank Price

The isolation floatation chambers come in different sizes and it is expected that it comes with different price tags. Here is the float tank price for each.

8’ x 4’ x 7’$42,500
8’ x 5’ x 7’$43,750
8’ x 6’ x 7’$45,000
8’ x 8’ 7’$50,000
10’ x 6’ x7’$47,500

Shipping fee may vary depending on the location and the service used. The float rooms require onsite installation and configuration. This will mean that you would have to pay for labor or installation fees for

Float Lab’s installation men or float lab technician. For US installation, you will only get charged $2,500 per chamber. If you are outside the US, it will cost you $5,000 per chamber installation. The good thing about this is that they offer free step-by-step maintenance training on the operation of their float chamber.

Float Lab Technologies made the liberty of computing the cost of operation of one of their float chambers. They factored in electricity, Epsom salt, solution filters, air filters, UV bulbs, and quartz sleeves. They came up with the figure of $1.50 per float, or $547.50 for one person floating 365 times a year.

This of course may still vary because water was not calculated into the equation and utility bills may vary per region.

Is There A Float Lab Near Me?

Float Lab Technologies is based in California and only have two branches as of now, Venice Beach and Los Angeles. The Venice Beach branch only has two floatation chambers but their Westwood branch has seven.

Aside from overflowing comments about the cleanliness and simplicity of their huge float rooms, customers often notice the clean, modern, and chill vibes of their amenities. They have a simple monochromatic palette of black, white, grey, and chrome accented by the occasional splash of color from a painting or the color of a Float Lab Chamber door.

Here are the addresses of those two branches.

Float Lab Venice

  • 801 Ocean Front Walk, #5 Venice Beach, CA 90291

Float Lab Westwood

  • 1025B Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

One floating session in Float Lab will only cost you $40 for 2 hours and a $1.50 service fee. That is very affordable when compared to float spas nearby. They will provide you with towels, earplugs, soap, shampoo, and conditioner so that you may you may walk in and out their float spa with less worries.

If you are interested in the Float Lab experience of floating but do not live anywhere near Venice Beach or Los Angeles, do not worry because there are other float spas that have purchased their sensory deprivation chamber from Float Lab Technologies. Among them are the following:

Ascend Float

  • 5062 Tall Pines Court, Raleigh, North Carolina 27609

FLOAT Annapolis

  • 801-1 Compass Way, Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Float Brisbane

  • 504 Lutwyche Road, Lutwyche, Queensland, Australia 4030

Float Doctor

  • 640 South Pier Drive, Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081

Float Fresno

  • 1565 Shaw Ave. #203 Clovis, CA 93611

Newport Float Therapy

  • 1525 Mesa Verde Drive East, #110 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Remedy Float

Renew Float Spa

Reset Float Therapy

  • 4967 Newport Ave, Ste, 10 San Diego, California 92107


  • 2219 Filbert Street, San Francisco, California 94123


  • 1202 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego, California 92101

The Flo

  • 228 Allen Street, Buffalo, New York 14201


For floaters looking to experience one of the cleanest and most widely-used sensory deprivation chamber, all you need to do is search for Float Lab Technologies’ products and services.

While they are not the only company who have exclusive access to their own float tanks, floaters may rejoice because there are other float spas that carry their float tank rooms. If you have the budget and enough space to accommodate a sensory deprivation chamber in the form of a float room, you have to consider their Float Lab tanks.

If you wish to check out more brands, you may browse through our website for different float tank reviews.

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