Oasis Float Tank Review: Simple, Affordable With Optional Add-Ons

Oasis Relaxation System is a simple and affordable float tank. On this page, we will be discussing its design, standard features, optional add-ons, and the price.

One of the more affordable home float tank for sale is the Oasis float tank, they have been around since 1984. The Oasis Relaxation System is a mid-range float tank system. It is self-contained float tank which makes it uncomplicated and easy to relocate.

The design is straight-forward and simple and may be favored by people on a budget and looking for an uncomplicated setup.

Oasis Tank Design

When I saw the Oasis water tank, I immediately noticed not only its similarities to the rectangular Samadhi tank but also its sloping roof. It has a large angular down-sloping dome for the roof setting it apart from other simple float tanks that look like a box.

Condensation often occurs in water storages, float tanks included. The water pools at the top part when there is no isolated heating for the roof or the ceiling does not slope for the water to trickle down.

If you are floating in serene, skin-temperature water, you would not want any distractions at all. Any condensation that forms at the top will not drip onto the water or the body, instead, it will slowly slide following the slope.

The top is double-layered and the walls are insulated with spray foam and given airspace. This is to prevent any noise and light seeping inside the tank and will also prevent heat from escaping.

There are adequate ventilation ducts for people who are worried that staying inside a tank will suffocate them.

The base or the tub is made of fiberglass and vinyl-lined on the inside. Even the shape of the tub is quite different from other sensory deprivation tanks because the wall is tapered. The reason for this design is to increase the floatation factor, therefore decreasing the need for Epsom salts.

The door is situated 22 inches above the ground and is slanting inwards making entry and exit very easy. It has bar handles above, on both sides, and on the door itself for balance and safety.

It has no additional plumbing or electrical wiring that has to be set up separately. But it has an intake and outlet pipe for people wishing to add something to the tank.

Standard Features

  • Oasis float tank dimensions:
    • Internal dimensions: 90” x 48” x 41”
    • Exterior dimensions: 99” x 56” x 45”
  • Pump and filter
  • 2 Solid State Heaters
  • Digital Electric Timer
  • Safety Grab Bars and Door Stop
  • One-year warranty

Optional Add-ons

  • 4 Internal Stereo Sounds Transducers ($500; additional speakers: $150/pair)
  • Ultraviolet Purification System (commercial: $1,200; residential: $750)
  • Replacement UV Bulbs ($110)
  • Digital Thermometer ($50)
  • Digital Timer ($75)
  • Electronic pH Tester ($100)
  • Control System (commercial models only, price available upon request)

Sensory Deprivation Tank Price

There is only one model for the Oasis float tank equipped with all the standard features mentioned above. A standard Oasis float tank costs $8,250. The price may go up once you choose to get their optional add-ons.

For example, an Oasis float tank with an audio system that comes with 4 internal stereo sounds transducers will cost you $8,750. That’s $500 more than the basic tank. If the customer wants to add a monitor, the screen and installation may cost a $1,000 more.

📌Crating and shipping charges vary depending on the add-ons that may need special packaging and the location of the buyer. Usually, it’s the buyer who arranges the shipping details and the cost of shipping within the US will run around $900-$1000 and the crating may cost $500. Shipping outside the country will definitely cost higher due location, brokers, and custom taxes.

Installation is totally up to the buyer, the tank comes with an installation manual. If you cannot install on your own, you may find a handyman or contractor familiar with pools or you may call Oasis for recommendations. Installation costs may vary depending on the rates of the installation man.


The Oasis float tank for sale is one of the tanks available that will give you the opportunity to save money continuously. People do not often realize that any appliance that is bought will need maintenance and other utilities to run efficiently.

With the Oasis float tank, you save money by using less Epsom salt and less electricity. In addition, you have the option to get the additional features you want while the Oasis float company makes sure that all the essential attributes are standard for each tank.

You may also check out our other Epsom salt float tank review for other brands and models within the site.

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  1. i wonder about the sound proof quality of this tank. could you elaborate on that please? that is the one concern i have most about purchasing a tank. it is such a major decision and i feel so nervous that once i get my tank that it will not be what i expected. that would be so heartbreaking because i am depending on the float tank for my healing, it feels like my last hope……6 + years of serious anxiety and ive tried everything available that is known to ease/help/ alleviate/cure anxiety and nothing helped, i mean NOTHING, not even large doses of xanax. until i floated. it was an answer to my hearts cry for help, i had almost felt like there was no hope left. since ive started floating i have hope in my heart again that one day it will get better. from your experience would you please tell me if having a home float tank compares to using a commercial one? i have been in 2 different float tanks. the first was the pod shaped tank,and the second is the float room. both were wonderful experiences. the sounds i hear in them are rare and not bothersome. is it the same at home with the sound? also,is the warmth of the water as good as commercial tanks? …………btw. thank you so much for giving your reviews. so glad i came across your site. you have given the best info ive come across. thank you thank you

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