Ocean Float Rooms Review – Superior Floating Experience

Ocean Float Rooms are a different type of float tank that you should be aware of. In this section, you will learn about float rooms, the Ocean Float Room brand, its design, features, and price.

What is a Float Room?

You may be wondering how a float room differs from a float tank or float pod. The difference is that it is a chamber room with much larger space than a tank.

📌It is designed to accommodate a person when standing up and for floating freely without hitting any walls. With float room therapy, you can start and continue with a feeling of freedom without crouching from start to finish. A float tank room is the perfect solution if you are claustrophobic.

Since it is bigger, you can expect that it may cost more than the usual float tank and it will have an external and dedicated pump, filtration and heating system. A float room cost will typically run around $30,000 to $100,000. Float room manufacturers have made these for commercial use but big home owners are now interested in float rooms for sale.

Ocean Float Rooms Design

Ocean Float Rooms are completely customizable. Perhaps that is one of the biggest pull the brand has for people willing to pay for their float rooms. If you have the money to spend on an ocean float, why not make it as personalized as possible, right?

For the exterior of your float room, you may choose from a variety of 20 wood veneer panels that they offer. If you wish for a more “you” look, you may ask for a bespoke finish using other materials such as plexiglass, tiles, and marbles in the original design and color that you want.

The interiors may be fully customized as well with appropriate materials that you wish to be used. Some interiors will even have lighting or paintings to resemble constellations, spaceships, or a modern museum. No matter what design or material is used, Ocean floats follow a strict manufacturing process and specifications to ensure that it will last 25 years at the least.

📌It is completely up to you which room in your home or building you would like your float room made, the size and shape of the room will not be a problem. It is strongly recommended that the room have access to warm water for filling up and top-ups.

It is also recommended that the room has good insulation and do not have any windows at all but it can be remedied if it is the opposite. Each float room is insulated inside and outside of 4 inches of select and quality sound and thermal insulating materials.

Once you have chosen a room, you would have to decide which walls will be considered the exterior. A small space will not be made part of the float room to serve as a sort of preparation area. The extra space outside of the actual float room may be used as a lounge area, a shower room, or bathroom.

Rooms that measure 4.5m x 2m can have a float room, shower and changing area. It will have an end door entry and a shower area with depth of 36’. If the room is much larger than this size, it may have even more luxury and amenities depending on what you decide or what the Ocean Floats suggest.

A smaller room of about 3m x 3m can still have its own changing area and shower. It will have a side door entry. If the room is much smaller than this, you do not have to worry because it can still be modified into a float room.

The side opening door is very big and you do not need to crouch to enter and exit the float room as compared to float tanks. This is favorable to people with less mobility. Grab handles are also placed inside the room.

The heating and ventilation in Ocean Float Rooms is superb. During a float, the low-temperature air from outside is pulled in to replace the warmer air. The water is then constantly and automatically adjusted to match skin temperature. The maintenance-free heater even eliminates electro-magnetic radiation which can be harmful to the body in the long run.

Standard Features

  • Large Side-Opening Door
  • Twin Underwater LED Lights
  • Lifetime Heater
  • One-touch Digital Control Unit
  • Surround Sound System and Amplifiers
  • Deep Clean Filtration System
  • Thermal and Sound Insulation
  • Call Button System
  • Electrically-Protected Main Control Panel
  • CE Certification
  • Initial Starter Kit (includes cleaners, testers, chemicals, etc.)

Optional Add-ons

  • UV and Peroxide Sanitation System
  • Starlight Ceiling
  • Dual Lighting Control
  • Cathedral Float Room Design (adjust the float room ceiling to the full height of the room that contains it)

Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of the Ocean Float Room is that it is fully customizable and they will work on what you currently have. If your room is smaller than the average, they may still be able to make a float room plan and make it to reality.

Having your float room made and installed on-site allows for inspection and you may even ask them to make adjustments should there be any problem with leakage or such during the testing period. You do not need a separate room or space for plumbing, heating and filtration.

📌The float room itself and the room in which is contained in is kept simple as possible to make it 73% easier to clean and sanitize. The float room exterior is sealed with silicone. The magnetic drive filtration pump cleans the water 4 times while you shower, which makes it comparably cleaner than float tanks which will only filter and sterilize twice.

If you are planning to have an Ocean Float Room for commercial use, the company provides a personalized training on how to run a float center business. They will also offer continuous customer care and support whether you are a residential or a commercial float room owner in the US or abroad.

One of the biggest cons is that you will not get an exact Ocean Float Room cost by browsing online. For the ocean float room price you will have to personally email them with your preferences and your room size so that you may be able to work out the design, features, and total cost.

One of the other reasons why float rooms are more expensive is because they are constructed in your home or your establishment. They cannot just be shipped over and installed all on your own. Since the construction will be following strict company and safety guidelines, it will take more than a few days to finish.

The warranty on an Ocean Float Room is also not expressly mentioned in their website and the query may only be answered when you contact them directly.

Ocean Float Room Price

The base price for an Ocean Float Room is $32,000. It will start to increase depending on the size of the room and the features that you want to add in for customization. The more unique or modern the float tank room is, the more costly it is.

Depending on the frequency of use, operational and maintenance cost will be around $50 to $130 per month. That is quite low relative to the Ocean Float Room system that is in place. If you will be getting into commercial use, this is an advantage that you would like to have than when using other brands.


An Ocean Float Room is a very good choice for people who can afford to pay for it. If you are a person who values personalization along with quality, a float room from this brand should be on the top of your wish list. The comfort it provides during floating and the simplicity of its operation is another one of the biggest factors that sway buyers to consider Ocean Float Rooms for their home and their business.

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