Samadhi Tank Review – Perfect Sensory Deprivation Therapy

Samadhi Tank Company has been creating the most practical float tanks since 1972 and is still one of the often searched brands when it comes to isolation tanks. If you want to know why, we have outlined everything in this article, from design to features to price.

Samadhi Tank Design

Any Samadhi Tank for sale is a testament to the success of John C. Lilly’s tried-and-tested sensory deprivation therapy. The Samadhi float tank takes floating back to its roots with its minimalistic and practical design.

Despite taking on an unassuming rectangular shape, the float tank is made up of superior and environmentally-friendly materials. The tank is covered all around of several alternating layers of thermal insulation and soundproof material for low-energy efficiency. Some models can even be added with additional Sound Isolators, an exclusively designed material and additional insulation for Samadhi tanks.

They have created an exclusive heater and temperature control system that is unlike any other in the float industry. The heaters are not made out of silicon which could electrically short out with moisture.

They use bulletproof materials encased in a waterproof aluminum tube and they have also devised a sensor to automatic turn off the heater in the event that it reaches a certain temperature.

The manufacturers will be the first to admit that the Samadhi tanks aren’t packed with the most technologically advanced features and they will also be the first to explain why.

📌Samadhi tanks are created with versatility in mind and having the most advanced gadgets and gizmos attached to it will prevent easy replacement or repair. When you also want to move up to a newer Samadhi tank model, you may purchase a basic tank and just transfer the parts from the old model to the new.

Entering a Samadhi tank is easy as the strategically positioned door is slanted horizontally so you would not have to crouch and will also let you easily get out when you need to. It is wide enough at 3.2 inches for any healthy individual to get in and out without issue.

Personally, I hate any distractions that could potentially pull me out of meditation during float therapy. That includes water drops from the tank ceiling that would either fall on my body or on the water itself. Inside the Samadhi tank, you will not experience that since the roof are all uniformly equipped with a heated ceiling to dry up any condensation.

The tank is very solid and sturdy but it has and air circulation system to keep you comfortable inside. The interior is black and the exterior may be ordered either in black or white. If you are not yet comfortable floating in total darkness, you can choose to have blue lighting installed.

Manufacturers often suggest that the flatbed roof of their float tanks can be used as a countertop or bed to utilize the space. But Samadhi Tank Company is way ahead of everyone when they came out with their Lilly Pond last year. This float tank is a cushioned bed on the outside and a float tank on the inside.

The Lilly Pond’s headboard houses the eternal filtration system. It has an accordion-type flatbed so it can be lifted up for more space. You can even have the cushions custom-made from the Artist Edition designs offered by the company.

A Samadhi float tank for sale may look bulky and a pain to transport and move around the house but it is actually made of lightweight panels that are fitted together. They can be disassembled should it not fit a door or archway. The whole tank saves space whether it is set up or in collapsed form and can even be fit into two banker boxes when you wish to put it in storage.

Samadhi Tank Models and Features

There are two types of float tanks manufactured by the Samadhi Float Company, the Classic Tank and the Lilly Pond.

The Classic tanks are the rectangular isolation float tanks that we are most familiar with. They come with eight standard features.

  • Compact and collapsible ABS Plastic tank-style body
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Samadhi Heating System with 5-year Warranty
  • Condensation-proof Self-heating Ceiling
  • Silent Air Circulation System
  • Filtration Systems
  • Timer
  • Dimensions
  • Internal: 90” x 42” x 40.5”
  • External: 94” x 44” x 44.5”

There are several models under the Classic tank design, depending on whether they are for home or commercial use.

ModelAdditional FeaturesOptional Add-OnsDimensions
Voyager (Commercial)Digital Temperature Control

External Hi-Filtration System

Professional Timing System

Floater Comfort Control



Interior Light


Step Out Tray ($68)94” x 44” x 44.5”
Basic Plus (Commercial)Digital Temperature Control



94” x 44” x 44.5”
Magic Carpet (Home)Digital Temperature Control

External Hi-Filtration System

Special Controls

Step Out Tray




Floater Comfort Control ($450)

Sound Isolators ($500)

94” x 44” x 44.5”
Basic (Home)94” x 44” x 44.5”
Tank at HomeCondensation Free Option ($479)

Hi-Flow External Filtration

System ($1790)

Ultra-Violet ($929)

95.5” x 47.5” x 44.5”

The Lilly Pond, named after John C. Lilly, is a float tank convertible which can be a cushioned bed when not in use. It has the same standard features as the Classic models. It was released last year with only 25 available units and it expected to have more in production this year.

Samadhi Tank Price

Unit ModelPrice
Basic Plus$12,977
Magic Carpet$13,950
Tank at Home$6,379
Lilly Pond$13,700

Shipping fee and delivery may vary depending on location and form of transportation.


The Samadhi tank is a reasonably priced sensory deprivation tank that does not sacrifice material and quality to lower its costs. What it does instead is do without the extra features that we have become familiar with in futuristic models but instead retained the parts and systems that are known for reliability to pass on savings to you. Whether you want an isolation tank for home or commercial use, you will definitely find one or two that will fit your specific needs.

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