Float Tank Side Effects: 6 Sensory Deprivation Tank Bad Experiences

Float therapy is great for your health and wellness, but it has some side effects too. Check out the adverse effects that you might experience after your session in a sensory deprivation tank.

Float therapy has become more and more popular today. A number of those who have tried it reported positive experiences. According to them, it gave them extreme relaxation. A session in the sensory deprivation tank made them feel renewed physically and mentally.

According to several reports, getting a float spa has no negative side effects. However, if you are to take it from those who have used the floating tub, there are some adverse effects.

Here’s a list of the dangers of float tanks that you might encounter after a floatation therapy.


An isolation tank contains a mixture of 250 gallons water and a whopping 800lb of Epsom salt. The shortest session in a floating tub may last for an hour. Just imagine the amount of salt that would be stuck in your skin and hair.

If you failed to rinse well, you might suffer rashes days after being in a sensory deprivation chamber. It is recommended that you take the time to rinse especially your hair. Rinse your locks thoroughly if you don’t want the salt to dry in your hair and your face.


After your floatation pods session, you may find yourself disoriented. It will take a couple of minutes before you get a grasp of the reality.

While in the float tank, you are totally unplugged – devoid of sight, sound and touch. It feels like you’re back into your mother’s womb. Thus, you have to make a little adjustment when you’re back in the real world.

So, expect to see yourself taking time to process what day it is, what time it is, what do you usually do at that time and more. You will apparently lose track of time. Don’t be alarmed. Just relax and chill out. This is the reason why float centers include back-to-life preparations to help you re-adjust to the reality.

Nausea and Vomiting

Not everyone experiences this, but some float pod users do. I heard from some float therapy customers that they feel sick and vomiting while inside the float tank. A few of them experience it even after the session and it lasted for the rest of the day until they get back to their home.

Feeling sick could be due to vertigo, motion sickness or disorientation. According to others, this is an indication that you are carrying your stress in your stomach and holding it all in or just part of releasing your emotional stress. For some customers, it just takes adjustments. They didn’t experience the same after a couple of sessions.

Burning sensation

This is unlikely to happen unless you have cuts, scrapes or hangnails. If you do, it is recommended that you apply a thin ointment on the area as a protective barrier against the salt. Float centers usually provide one.

Also, there are reported cases of burning sensation in the privates of women. This could be a matter of chemistry as the vagina is naturally acidic to prevent bacterial infection. A natural pH of the vagina is 3.8-4.5. Meanwhile, a balanced float solution should be pH 7.0. There’s a shift alkaline of 2.5-3 which is enough to cause burning sensation in sensitive women.

Tired and unmotivated

Those who used float tanks have different experiences. While others felt like they are being refreshed, there are few who felt the other way around.  Some feel tired and unmotivated to work.

Thus, you might find yourself losing interest and energy to get back to work. I heard from one client that he got a float therapy session on Friday night and remained uninspired over the weekend. In fact, he couldn’t decide if he would go to the office on Monday.


Although float therapy helps one sleeps easily and deeply like having the most vivid dreams, it can also make you feel pretty rattled. So, you might get nervous, worried or irritated in the next 48 hours. Due to this reason, some opt to not get their next deprivation tank session pretty soon.


The majority of the floating tub users are pleased with their float therapy experience. Being inside a floating capsule or meditation tank gives you an out of the world experience. It heightens your senses, gives you extreme relaxation, alleviates body pains and improves your mental health.

Unfortunately, there are minor side effects like rashes, burning sensation, and being nauseous and disoriented. The good thing is that not everyone experiences this. Most importantly, the benefits that you will likely enjoy outweigh the sensory deprivation tank bad experiences that have been reported.

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