This site is all about float tanks, float tank therapy and everything about it!

If you are looking for a new and holistic way to recharge yourself or de-stress the answer is float therapy.

First, I am very impressed with how float therapy changed my life and wish to share this experience with all of you. So, I created this site to share all the knowledge I have about this new and luxurious method of relaxation.

This purpose of this site is to…

·         Give you detailed info about float tanks and float therapy

·         List the different benefits you can enjoy with float therapy

·         Document our experience with float therapy

·         Give you a list of brands where you can buy float tanks

·         Provide you our reviews of the best sensory deprivation tanks in the market

·         Help you find the nearest float spa in your area

·         Give you tips and tricks how to save in your floating experience

·         And help you make your own DIY float tanks!

I understand that it’s difficult to maintain our good mood, keep our productivity and stay cheerful all the time especially when stress starts to build up. That is why this site promotes float tank therapy because this method has helped me achieve the best things in life.

Float therapy is an effective and efficient way to reconnect with ourselves and return to our old disposition – healthy, peaceful and happy. Floating is very calming and relaxing. This method is powerful in waking up your inner peace, strength and joy.

This site is for everyone who is interested in float therapy. If you are a newbie, this is a great site to start with. If you are a float tank therapy enthusiast or advocate, you can relate to every article you read here and will probably get new ideas about it.

 I will be your partner as you explore and learn all the details about float therapy. Navigate the site and be amazed at the wonders that float tank therapy offers.

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